The NEXUS RF16 is a combined article surveillance, people counting and advertising system, specifically designed for use in a checkout environment.


With a width of only 16 cm, the system is minimally obstructive and therefore maximally flexible to use in a checkout lane.


Correct alarm management is one of the biggest challenges in a checkout lane and incorrect alarm follow up procedures have a massive impact on the shopping experience of customers.


Therefore the NEXUS RF16 is equipped with bi-directional visitor counters that notify staff about the exact nature and place of an alarm event. In this way follow-up is easy and offending honest customers can be avoided.


NEXUS RF16 dual antenna technology guarantees detection up to 95% and outperforms traditional mono antenna systems (which have normally a detection of no more than 65% of the to be secured zone).


All systems from the NEXUS series offer web connectivity which enables direct insight in store and system performance.