CheckGate® 9800 simplifies the detection and location of metal weapons, explosives parts and threats. With its unique design, the 9800 uniquely employs eight separate horizontal zones. The vertical zone L.E.D. lightbar visually indicates where on the person the likely metal targets are concealed among the eight horizontal zones. Individual zone adjustments reduce false alarms on personal items like keychains, coins, buckles, shoe shanks and large jewelry. Powerful software optimizes detection and reliability. With extremely low false alarm rates, the 9800 (a.k.a. MZ-8) maximizes traffic flow.
2 - Features and Benefits
  • 8 True horizontal zones for accurate, automatic threat location
  • 8 zone and 100 sensitivity settings provide ultimate location and sensitivity
  • Computer optimized antennas, designed and built in the USA
  • True digital signal processing (DSP) with advanced electronics for greatest reliability and immunity from surrounding electronic interference
  • 100 fully adjustable program settings to customize threat level conditions
  • Harmless to health, film, tapes, discs, electronic media
  • Exceptional discrimination of the smallest, thinnest weapons