1 - Introduction
From the leading and most experienced producer of advanced explosives and contraband detectors worldwide, including the widely deployed Chemilux, GC-IMS and EVD detection lines: The EN5000 Tabletop delivers fast, accurate and reliable results in critical detection scenarios while offering ease of use, low maintenance and reasonable cost of ownership. Scintrex's advanced and improved GC/IMS (gas chromatograph, ion mobility spectrometry) dual technology, backed by decades of detection expertise, delivers:
2 - Features and Benefits
  • Sensitivity: EN5000's GC/IMS dual detection identifies specific explosives or narcotics traces, far more accurately and sensitively than mere IMS devices.
  • Selectivity: GC-IMS' better selectivity and advanced software yield exceptional trace detection performance.
  • False alarm levels: GC/IMS' dual technology is more substance specific, delivering lower false alarm levels and better target hit rates.
  • Explosives: detects military grade explosives, Semtex, C4, RDX and TNT and most homemade explosives such as TATP.
  • Narcotics: detects cocaine, opiates, cannabis, and amphetamine stimulants.
  • Easy to use: sampling is easy and takes just seconds using the durable sampling tab. Processes and analyzes immediately, clearly displaying results on a larger touch screen in seconds. Needs minimal training – perfect for high people-traffic areas.
  • Comprehensive: built-in networking and communication capabilities. Easily interfaces with other screening systems to form a comprehensive security solution.
  • High throughput: yields continuous operation, with analysis in seconds – ideal for high throughput environments, such as airports and border crossings.
  • Low maintenance: completely selfcontained, self-cleaning, self-calibrating, and requires no gas supply.
  • Cost effective: very low consumables result in low operating cost.
  • Safer: far less isotope than mere IMS desktops.