1 - Introduction
The integration of 160kV imaging source with hyper-sensitive detectors and passive filters presents a secure and efficient inspection solution for any moving vehicle at checkpoints and critical installations. The Passive Filter Technology uses an intelligent filtering mechanism to effectively shield off any unnecessary radiation targeted at the driver or its passengers during the inspection process. The latest vehicle screening technology is safer as compared to any existing systems.
3-in-1 Technology
  • Low dose 160kV imaging technology
  • Enhanced with patent pending Passive Filter Technology to deliver a driver & passenger-safe solution
  • Fully automatic system set-up using modern hydraulic mechanism
System Highlights
  • Easy to interpret high quality images
  • Complete with Auto detect and Dual energy images for fast foreign object determination
  • Fast vehicle inspection throughput of > 360 cars per hour
  • Designed for screening sedan cars, 4-wheel drive, MPV and SUV etc
  • < 5 minutes set-up process
  • Ideal for relocation or temporary deployment at different checkpoints