Description: INTEVIO is the ideal Public Address System for retail shops, K-12 schools, offices, hotels, and factories that need a robust and economical paging solution. Our audio solutions deliver high-performance background music to improve your clients’, employees’ or students' experience. INTEVIO is a cost saving public address system that comes with an intuitive user interface, a flexible paging configuration and a reliable system. Coupled with Honeywell LEADWAY speaker series, INTEVIO helps you build a total public address solution that perfectly adapts to your needs. Find out more. INTEVIO Compact Design saves installation space by building all functions and a 500 watt Class D amplifier into the controller. INTEVIO Modular Zone Expansion minimizes zone capacity waste by offering two types of zone expanders with fewer cables for inner connections. INTEVIO Future Proof Concept supports potential need for connected building and mobile access by providing MODBUS interface and reserving interface for Bluetooth connection